Fields of Expertise

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Trackless Mining Methods

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Conventional Mining

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Construction and Equipping

  • All construction activities related to Trackless Mining
  • All fabrication and installation of Piping and steel works.
  • Civil construction related to Trackless Mining Activities.

Benefits in Dealing with Mechanised Mining Solutions and Construction

The company, Mechanised Mining Solutions, has a proven track record that has demonstrated excellent results over an extended period of time. As seen in the profile of Directors, Mechanised Mining Solutions is where our strength lies and this ability and passion has been the backbone of our success.
We have consistently engineered and adapted our models to ensure above industry average results

We offer an unique business opportunity to a number of mines.

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Any Mine doing business with Mechanised Mining Solutions will realize the following benefits:

  • Effective skills transfer on all levels and in all aspects of the mining operations.
  • Empowerment and development
  • Improvement of bottom-line results for the mine.
  • Daily involvement in all Mining activities by the Directors of Mechanised Mining Solutions
  • The senior supervisory staff of our company have an active interest in the Business Model and their keen interest in any Project will realise above average returns to both parties.


Trackless Mining construction


Decline Shafts - Pipe Construction
Concrete Lining - Decline Shafts
Shotcrete application
Conveyor belt installations
Trackless Mining feasability studies
Assessments of Trackless Mining projects
KONKOLA COPPER MINES (NCHANGA) Upper ore body access
Weak sand stone Trackless tunnelling

Existing Contracts


Decline barrel development Mototolo Joint Venture

Mechanised Mining Solutions is responsible for all the main development at Borwa and Lebowa shafts. Trackless equipment allocated by Mototolo consists of 1 by 281 low profile drill rig as well as 2 loaders per shaft. Mechanised Mining Solutions employs 88 people to perform this task. The 1st and 2nd stage ledging falls under their responsibility. Safety and production results are attached to this document.

The critical factor in this development contract is the non negotiable standard that at least 100m of this development must be mined from the decline barrels. To date this criteria has been met and regularly beaten. Efficiencies achieved on average are 8m per month per employee or 300 tons per employee per month.


Excavation of a boxcut and decline development for Konkola Copper Mine (Zambia)

Mechanised Mining Solutions Zambia Limited has excavated a 121000m3 boxcut and completed the slope stabilisation, drainage, re-inforcement and fibre crete. From this boxcut a portal was established and a 5 by 5.5m decline was developed in a weak shale formation. This weak formation has necessitated the installation of steel arch sets with re- inforcing and 50mm of shotcrete at 1m intervals. Equipment was procured by MMS and consists of a Bell 2606 Front End Loader a Bell TLB a Sandvik 30 tonne dump truck and a 281 Atlas Copco Drill Rig. MMS have completed this work on schedule, on budget and serious accident free.

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